Our family!

We are a multi-cultural family. Nicole grew up in a small town near Atlanta, GA, and Pepe grew up in a small town about 2 hours south of Guadalajara, Jalisco in the midwest of Mexico. 

We both have a passion for missions and had been serving with Youth with a Mission as single staff since 2006. We started our respective missionary journeys in different YWAM bases and under different circumstances, but in 2009 our paths crossed and the spark of romance began:). We saw each other on and off for a couple of years at ministry conferences, etc.. but nothing came to fruition until 2011 when Nicole led a Community Development School where Pepe was a student. I guess there's a reason why YWAM is also sometimes referred to as "Young Women after Men" ;) In this case though, Pepe was the one who would conquer!

It didn't take long for both to realize that there was mutual attraction and to make a long story short, after the school ended my Dad came down to meet 'the guy'. Pepe asked for my hand and we were engaged two weeks later on October 10, 2011. We were married on February 24, 2012 in the presence of family and friends, and have grown each day in our love for each other and grown in our ministry as a couple!

Then on October 10 of 2013, exactly 2 years after we got engaged, the Lord blessed us incredibly with a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Camila! 

She brings joy and life to our lives and we couldn't feel more blessed for the privilege of being her parents! Now we're expecting Baby #2 October, 2015. 

There are challenges involved in the trans-cultural nature of our relationship, and raising our daughter far from family. But we aren't becoming American or Mexican. We're creating a new culture, the culture of the Kingdom of God. Our vision as a family is to model God's character in a real way with our lifestyle, and our love. This is the most important ministry that we have as a marriage and as a family.

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